Our Etheric Being

We live in an environment where nearly all of the energies that envelop us are unknown to us. Even the essence of our true Being is hidden from our awareness. As infants we telepathically learn how to think and perceive our world as humans, and then most of us learn that we’re not telepathic and that the only reality is the empirical world. We are subjected to influences of energies beyond our recognition and have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be immersed into low-vibration lives of stress, suffering and fear. We have learned hatred, jealousy, persecution, shame and even murder, and we have projected these feelings and experiences upon others. It is all pretense and exists only in our own consciousness.

Quantum physicists have discovered that the entire cosmos is filled with electromagnetic and etheric energy beyond our human awareness and contained in universal consciousness that is the essence of everything. The energies that we recognize, focus on and feel become part of our experience. We have absolute control over what we allow to influence us. Our consciousness expresses itself as patterns of energetic waves which interact with all of the energy that we may not be aware of, because of the belief systems that we have acquired.

Each of us incarnated into a situation that is bound by the beliefs of everyone around us. The qualities of our lives are a result of those beliefs about the nature of our reality and the limits of our awareness. Although our limiting beliefs are well-developed and live deep in our consciousness, we are not required to maintain them. We can recognize them for what they are. Our belief of mortality, for instance, is false. We know this from all of us who have taken our conscious awareness out of our physical bodies and out of the empirical world into the realm of pure unmanifested energy. Here we can recognize anything that vibrates within our own energy spectrum. In our true Being we are free and sovereign eternal entities endowed with the universal consciousness of the One Creator, able to experience anything we desire.

We have incarnated as humans on this planet now, because of the turning of the ages, for our guidance into the new world of higher frequencies of greater love and joy. As we penetrate our consciousness beyond our limiting beliefs, we become the Creators of the regenerated human experience.

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