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Our Eternal Self-Aware Presence

If we are each an eternal presence of consciousness, what really is that? We have learned that we are our ego consciousness, localized in our bodies, but we can expand our awareness far beyond the consciousness of our body and ego. We set our own limits, beyond which we are uncomfortable about imagining experiences. We are fearful and disdainful in explorations in consciousness. The shift from fear to joy is challenging, because the ego can’t do it. It requires dropping all of our beliefs about our personal and collective limitations. It can happen when we open to our intuitive guidance and knowing. We learn to trust ourselves by becoming aware of our inner knowing. It is who we are apart from every conception we have about ourselves.

It is beyond the ego. Our egos are aspects of our consciousness that allow us to function within a spectrum of frequencies characterized by density of energy in physical matter. It is also the realm of fear and all of the low-vibrational emotions and thoughts, such as poverty, greed and desire for power over others. The ego has become our navigator and guide without our intuitive knowing. It is blind to our higher guidance, but it has been necessary for us to have the full human experience. We have become so accustomed to our limited awareness, that we do not even recognize that we have higher guidance. Most of us cannot even imagine that we can change the circumstances of our lives just by changing our perspective and beliefs about ourselves. The transformation doesn’t require time, because it happens in the quantum field outside of time. It’s completely a matter of modulating the frequencies of energy patterns in our awareness.

As we learn to be in alignment with the vibrations of our intuitive knowing and compassionate wisdom, we may face challenges from low-frequency situations that appear for us. We intuitively know what to do, because the vibrations are part of our own consciousness. We can modulate the energy vibrations with our recognition, while feeling the presence of unconditional love all around and within us. This lifts our consciousness into a higher dimension beyond fear and into love. Our experiences come into alignment with our personal energy vibratory spectrum.

By being aware of the energy of our heart through our emotions, we can learn to focus on living in high-vibrational scenarios as Beings of light and love. This is our inherent nature, and it’s what we’re being attracted toward. In our personal eternal Self-aware presence, we are unlimited conscious awareness, abiding in gratitude and joy, aware of our unlimited creative abilities with our attention and emotions.

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