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Our Eternal Essence

We continuously arise from the One Self-Conscious, Self-Realized Being that is all that exists. In quantum physics this consciousness expresses Itself as the quantum field of all potentialities. Every possible being and circumstance exists as a potential scenario within the electromagnetic wave patterns of the quantum field. Everyone and everything that exists is a conscious entity continuously arising and demising every microsecond.

How do any of these potentials get actualized? They get recognized by a self-conscious being and appear in their recognized form in the experience of that being. This happens through creative imagination and focus upon repeating experiences.

Upon incarnation, we lose awareness of our true Being, so that we can experience a life of apparently real personal separation from the quantum field of limitless possibilities for our experiences. We participate in a limited spectrum of energy that our consciousness has been programmed to recognize for manifestation into our lives. This is the empirical world. Although humanity recognizes this realm as real, it is actually imaginary, just like everything else, except our Being. All humans telepathically align with the human energy signature in order to live in this empirical realm.

We’ve intentionally become accustomed to limiting our awareness to the empirical spectrum of energy. We found that we had to severely limit the creative inflow of life force from the quantum field in order to make our experience more real. With limited life force, our egos have become entrained in low-vibration energies here and must be released into sovereignty and freedom, and intentionally living in our natural spectrum of vibrations in a higher dimension of experiences.

We release our ego from its limited awareness by loving it unconditionally. It has allowed us to live in this imaginary world and experience a spectrum of energy that would not otherwise have been possible for us. It has deepened our compassionate understanding. This is a really successful Earth experience. We can be grateful to our ego selves for all of this. Now the ego can an extension of our true personal Being, living in the awareness of our existence, constantly arising in the life force, unconditional love and eternal Being of the quantum field, the expression of the Infinite One.

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