Our Emotional Essence

All Being emanates from the consciousness of the prime Creator, expressed in the quantum field of all potentialities. Out of this we arise as personal Beings, having all of the abilities of the Creator’s essence. We are constantly created to have experiences of all kinds for the Creator. We are the Creator in the same way that our fingers are part of our body. We experience things through everything that we create with our attention, imagination and emotions. Our attention arises from the essence of awareness of our Being. Our imagination is our innate ability to modulate patterns of energy and create what we want or don’t want. It all depends upon the vibrational focus of our attention, the vibrational quality of energy we pay attention to. Is it of love or of fear? Our emotions tell us what quality it is. They are part of our divine consciousness. They are our energy transmitters, our creative power and our awareness of the vibratory frequency that we focus on.

Emotions arise from the unlimited consciousness of the Creator and flow through us with our life force. When we are silent mentally and emotionally, we can be aware of the natural flow of life, which we can feel and know intuitively. We can focus our attention far beyond the limitations of our beliefs, and our emotions can carry us there. They’ll come up against the blocks in our consciousness that inhibit expansion. These we can resolve with our awareness in a perspective of compassionate wisdom. We can and must resolve any limits that we encounter in recognition, gratitude, forgiveness and love.

We can resolve the attachments created by the ego, our false beliefs about ourselves and everything that is part of the realm of fear and mortality. We can turn our awareness inward to feelings of joy, abundance, peace and all of the high-vibrational emotions. They will carry our awareness into the natural flow of our life and guide us in our intuition. We can be open to living in the flow of unconditional love in our life force, which connects us with all beings consciously. This is part of our conscious expansion, ultimately into infinite awareness.

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