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Our Divine Presence

We are much more than human beings, but our true identity has been hidden from us upon our incarnation, so that we can have a valid human experience. Now it is time to remember who we really are as Beings of light and love and infinite creative ability. It is no longer necessary to subject ourselves to the chaos and tribulation happening all around us, because the Earth is ascending into a higher spectrum of energetic vibrations, and we can transform along with her.

We can focus our attention on the life force that flows through our heart with full conscious awareness and unconditional love. We can elevate our conscious vibrations in alignment with the rising frequencies of the Earth. We can resolve all of the low-frequency beliefs we’ve accepted about ourselves, forgive ourselves for being stuck in fear for our lives, and open our awareness to the awesomeness of our eternal presence of Being. We can recognize the impermanence of this world and everything we’ve held onto, thinking that we need to depend upon money and physical nourishment for our bodies, when actually it is our conscious focus that attracts all of these things into our experience or keeps them away from us.

We are Beings beyond time and space with unlimited creative ability. We are fractals of the One Universally Conscious Being Who is the essence of everything—all energy, all beings, all that exists. We have compartmentalized our consciousness to incarnate on this planet, and we have the ability to realize our true essence. We can know that we encompass the universe and beyond. We are unlimited in our Being in every respect, and we can inhabit our bodies in the truth of our greater Being. If we choose, we can maintain our bodies in perfect health for thousands of years. We can move instantaneously in our presence of Being to other galaxies. It is all dependent upon our personal beliefs about ourselves and the transparency of our focus within universal consciousness.

When we maintain our essence in the high vibrations of compassion, love, serenity and abundance, we are beyond the reach and influence of those stuck in low vibrations—the dark ones and shadow beings, who seek to use our life force for their nefarious intentions. As the resonance of the Earth rises, they will disappear. We become exempt from their attention, because we can live in a different reality, a higher dimension of vibrations. This can be our new life situation. It is within the realization of all of us, if we choose it and train ourselves to believe it. This is a process for us. For most of us, it cannot happen quickly, but we can attain it with diligent application of our intention.

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