Our Dimension of Energy

The realm we inhabit seems to be solid and tangible. It feels, looks, tastes, smells and sounds as if there’s something inherently physical about it. We interact with others and with our environment as if everything has a solid reality. But does it? According to Quantum Physics it’s all energy. Our consciousness interprets the different frequencies of vibrations as touch, appearance, taste, small and sound. But it’s all energy vibrating within a limited spectrum of frequencies. This is the empirical dimension.

What is beyond this dimension? Thoughts, emotions, conscious awareness, the dream realm and everything that vibrates below and beyond our sensory perceptions. It’s all energy as well, but different wave lengths and frequencies than we can perceive with our senses. For those of us with extra-sensory perception, there are realms beyond the physical inhabited by living beings. Those of us who have had death experiences and have come back into this dimension, have been exposed to other realms, some wonderful and some horrendous, depending on the frequency orientation of the person.

The next question is, are we subject to a fixed destiny to live within a certain spectrum of energy, or can we create our experiences intentionally with our consciousness? This is the secret of all advanced spiritual teachings and also the same understanding of quantum physicists. Consciousness is the creative force that manifests every energetic form in all dimensions.

The empirical world is a complex pattern of energy frequencies held in form by the consciousness of humanity. Each of us invests our life force in its apparent reality. We have the conscious free-will ability to use our creative intention to have our own quality of life within the spectrum of human consciousness. We can experience lives of love, beauty and abundance or lives of desperation, deprivation and fear, depending on our habitual thoughts and emotions, which form the basis of our reality. If we are guided by our heart-mind energy, we know how to create experiences of love and joy.

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