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Our Destiny of Vitality and Mastery

We are destined to be filled with vitality and love, even though our experience on Earth has been fearful and disillusioning. We’ve taken this excursion into duality in order to experience the feelings of separation from our Source of Life and to know all aspects of destructive energies. As a result, we have been able to develop great compassion, mercy, wisdom and fortitude. Only now are we learning that it is all an illusion that we have allowed ourselves to believe is real.

The entire empirical world is a play in our consciousness. There is nothing solid about it. It consists of moving patterns of electromagnetic waves that we perceive as sensory stimulation. Although we have been unaware of this, all of our interactions are by choice on our part, even those that threaten us; however, our conscious presence of awareness cannot be threatened. Our reality is beyond time and space, and we can learn how to master our physical world and all of our interactions.

Because we are fractals of the Creator, we can change the energies around and within us. We can choose in every moment how we feel and what we think. Thoughts and feelings are part of our essential being, and they are completely within our command. If we choose to be only positive, we open ourselves to thoughts and emotions that are only positive. We take ourselves out of the realm of shame, anger, fear and doubt, and we enter the dimension of love. Here we are only love in the truest sense.

By imagining and feeling ourselves expanding in love and joy, and asking our guides and angels and our higher Self to draw us into the presence of the divine, we can transform the energies that we encounter. We just have to be true to our higher nature and follow our intuitive guidance, which we know through the energy of our heart. In every aspect of our lives, we can intend to enhance the life of everyone in our awareness. We can intend to interact only with the divine Being in everyone.

By inviting the feelings of abundant life and joy into our awareness, we can release all negativity and limiting beliefs about ourselves. When we move beyond polarity, we cannot be both dark and light. If we are light beings, we are beyond fear and duality, and life must arrange itself to align with our vibratory level. When we are able to anchor our awareness in positivity and love, and hold our alignment with this vibratory level, we begin to expand into higher consciousness and are able to direct our infinite creative ability.

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