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Our Destiny as Creators

Quantum physicists have discovered that our world is created and dissolved trillions of times each second. It happens so fast that we are not aware of it, but what we are aware of is the flow of energy patterns that we recognize and accept as reality. This is the process of materialization. It is a psychic phenomenon, and we are the creators, who modulate the energy patterns that we recognize in our own consciousness. Nothing exists in the empirical world, except what we observe, recognize and accept as reality. Everything else is electromagnetic energy in infinite patterns of frequencies in the universal consciousness expressed in the quantum field of all potentialities.

Because we are part of the universal consciousness of the Being that constantly creates everything, we are constantly created as personal expressions of the Creator. We have chosen to accept limiting beliefs about ourselves so that we could experience a realm that would be impossible for us to truly know, if we were in our natural state of expansive consciousness. We are doing this to deepen our understanding of love and compassion by living in a world where this perspective is largely absent, so that we could know what it is like to live in fear for our lives, to suffer, to be greedy, judgmental and to desire to control others for our benefit. All of this would be impossible for us in our naturally created state of Being with our unconditional love and unlimited abilities of creation.

We are here to create experiences for ourselves and to learn what we truly value, appreciate and are thankful for. Currently humanity is experiencing much chaotic and destructive energy, because we are realizing the truth of what has happened on our planet and are clearing out all of the energy patterns that have been destructive of life. We have to face them all, bring them into the light, refuse to participate in fearful energy patterns any longer, forgive everyone involved and open our hearts to the unconditional love and joy of our eternal Being. We are the Creators, and we have the innate ability to align ourselves with life-enhancing energy patterns that will renew ourselves, our society and our planet.

As humanity awakens to the truth of our situation, we have a choice of continuing our current way of being or expand our consciousness to our natural state of living in abundance, kindness and beauty, realizing and utilizing our unlimited creative abilities as extensions of the Prime Creator. We do not need anything outside of our own Being for fulfillment and deepest love.

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