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If we have resolved our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we are free and can have unlimited creative abilities. As long as we maintain our thoughts and feelings in the spectrum of love, we become exempt from the low-frequency energy of the human drama. Our inner guidance knows how to interact always from the perspective of the unlimited consciousness of the Creator.

We can intend to be our true Self. Through intention, we can realize our expansive consciousness as we align ourselves with the flowing energy of our life force and our conscious personal awareness in the vibration of unconditional love. Our intention to be loving beings can lead us into alignment with the consciousness of the Creator. In this level of vibration, our personalized self, our ego, can relax, observe and enjoy flowing in higher guidance. The ego knows that its guidance for us has been limited. We can thank this aspect of ourselves for taking us through all manor of fear and deeply-held dread of termination. We now know the feelings of all of these vibrations. In our expanded Self, we now know the true meaning of compassion in our deepest feelings. We can know that we have designed our human experience to gain emotional depth in our expanding consciousness. The low-vibration human experience has been only for the bravest of souls, because it’s a great challenge to be able to raise our vibrations in true commitment, trusting the feelings and intuition of the heart of our Being. We’ve been taught to ignore these feelings completely. They’re still present, if we want to experience them. They require our attention and recognition in the vibration of gratitude.

Once we begin to imagine our personal Being as eternal, we can become unlimited in our awareness in all dimensions. Our Earth-human experience has served us well, and we can now rise to the challenge of transforming ourselves out of the vibrations of fear, by aligning with our higher inner guidance. Our conscience is part of this guidance. It also requires our attention and thankful recognition. The more we can have this awareness, the more prominent our guidance becomes.

As we align more with the energy of our heart, we naturally exist in high vibrations and attract life experiences that have the same alignment, regardless of our current life. We become more aware of compassion in our interactions and more loving with one another. It can be a mutual expansion of our conscious awareness. It is in alignment with the rising vibratory resonance of the Spirit of the Earth.

The compartmentalized, fear-based consciousness of humanity is fading. We are on the path to expanding consciousness in alignment with the Earth and all conscious beings here. The light is growing in every heart.

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