Our Current Life’s Purpose

We are involved in transformation and conscious expansion. We are intending to be in gratitude and joy as much as possible, and to connect with our divine essence. This is our primary process now. As we express high-vibration feelings and thoughts, we raise the vibrations of our energy signatures, and we become more radiant and influential. We draw each other into our awareness with love. We are the family of Light, and we are returning to our essence.

We are recognizing that we are multidimensional. We can live in a realm of high-vibrations while also being present in awareness of the drama of the human energy signature. With our radiance, we draw the frequency of humanity into our realm. Our creative love is more powerful energetically than any of the lower vibrations. Everyone knows the feelings of love and joy intuitively. These are the most attractive vibrations and the ones we feel best expressing. Having resolved our interfering personal beliefs about ourselves, we are free to be naturally unlimited in our creative ability. We can dance in the Light and create miracles.

Our emotional energy vibration is most important. This carries us into high-vibration experiences and states of being, in which we can expand into even higher-vibration experiences and miraculous scenarios. We can go as deep and as far in our awareness as we are willing and able to recognize. We can live in a world of love and beauty, whenever we allow ourselves.

We may need a thorough reorientation in our understanding of the nature of reality. Nothing except the quantum field of energy exists outside of our awareness. Whatever we recognize also is aware of us and becomes real in our experience. It all exists in our consciousness. We are the creators through our ability to modulate the energy patterns in the quantum field.

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