Our Creative Consciousness

Quantum physics has taught us that there is only one creative universal consciousness, which we all participate in. Everything that exists participates in this consciousness. This is the consciousness of the Creator of all. It is the constant Source of our life force. We are created divinely perfect and capable of expanding our individual consciousness. All divinely-intended interactions are loving and joyous.

Each human appears in the empirical world as a composite of energy vibrating within a spectrum of frequencies that express themselves as an energy signature. We create and maintain this energy expression through our intentions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The frequencies of this energy signature create the qualities of our experiences in the physical world by attracting vibrations that are compatible with its frequencies. By changing the frequencies of our energy signature, we change the quality of our experiences.

We can adjust our consciousness so that we are not subject to the fear, threats and chaos around us. We can live in the frequencies of Divine Love. As the resonant frequency of the Earth rises, we have access to a higher level of consciousness that is profoundly uplifting and can quickly change our lives in wonderful ways that we could not easily recognize when the Earth was vibrating at a lower frequency.

In essence we are all the same Being, just different personal expressions of it. We can be consciousness watching consciousness. Our self-awareness is eternal, as are all conscious beings. The physical world is only one of innumerable possible expressions of our consciousness. And our experiences everywhere are all determined by our personal energy signature, our vibrations and our radiance. By wanting to be genuinely helpful, compassionate and kind, we raise the vibrations of our energy signature and create more love in the world and ourselves, expanding our conscious awareness to higher-frequency levels.

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