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What is more important than knowing who we are? If we look at ourselves as we are accustomed, what are we actually seeing? A physical body that we may or may not like. What else? A personality? What’s that? An unknown self-identity? A sense of self known as I AM? What is this really? We call this our consciousness. Our knowing that we are who we are. Where are our boundaries of self-consciousness? We’re taught from infancy that we can think only about certain things, that anything outside of this thinking is nonsense. We are taught that we are dependent on others for nearly everything we need for our survival. We fear for our survival and social acceptance. These are all boundaries.

What if we’re actually capable of being the masters of our lives, completely free and able to create everything we need, while living among others who feel the same way? This is the stretch to higher, more expanded consciousness. It requires taking our life force back from all of the patterns of lower vibrations that we have created in our lives. Whatever is not of divine love must be withdrawn from. We withdraw our attention from every form of fear. It all begins to fade away, deprived of our conscious energy. It has no life force of its own.

Without fear we are free to love on every level. We are aligned with the natural flow of energy surrounding us. For us it’s the energy of our heart without any needs, desires or fears. It is the presence of unconditional love for all conscious beings. Our awareness expands to include theirs in a transformed focus. In this awareness of the continuing flow of life force from our Source Consciousness, we understand who we are. We know our true self identity.

We are not our bodies. They’re an extension of our consciousness. The source of our knowing is our awareness. The range of vibrations of our habitual awareness with the accompanying emotions are constantly creating new experiences for us. Once we know who we really are, we are free to create only beautiful, loving and joyous experiences just by being in this range of vibrations. Stay high!

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