Our Cosmic Consciousness

Quantum physics has shown that there is a universal consciousness that provides the energy that comprises everything that exists and the operating awareness of everything that moves and has being on the subatomic scale, and by extension everything that is composed of atoms and their components. Without universal consciousness, there would be nothing in existence. Everything participates in universal consciousness. It is the essence of our being. Physics experiments have shown that sub-atomic particles have cosmic consciousness. They know and act with immediate certitude when observed and when moving through obstacles with available pathways. They are quantum in their being, which means they can be in more than one place at the same time. They are not limited to time and space, which are prime requirements for the empirical world. They are both empirical and non-empirical, depending upon whether we recognize them. What does this have to do with us?

Once I wrote that the whole (meaning us in our embodiment) cannot be less than its parts. My implication was that, if our constituent atoms and their subatomic entities have cosmic awareness and inter-dimensional abilities, we must also have these capabilities. The human masters of consciousness (Jesus, for example) have demonstrated that they do have them, but what about the rest of us? If we don’t currently have these abilities, can we develop them?

It all relates to our free will and our understanding of why we are living on the Earth. Our awareness of our essence, our self-conscious presence, is not limited to our bodies, but most of us identify ourselves with our limited ego consciousness, even though our bodies have much greater awareness than most of us recognize, and that is the reason we are limited. We recognize ourselves as limited.

Life on this planet is a training program for our consciousness. We are here to experience what we could never imagine in our true Being. Collectively we have designed and manifested a dimension of consciousness that keeps us from knowing who we are, so that we can explore the dark side of life, the kind of consciousness that is destructive and fearful. It is so that we can expand our consciousness into a greater awareness of what is possible, so that we will be able to have greater appreciation for the unconditional love and joy that is our essence and the essence of all that exists. This experience will be useful for us in our future creation of universes. We have all the capabilities of our Creator and the universal consciousness that we in our essence continuously arise out of and experience in our true Selves. We can learn to train ourselves to recognize and identify with who we really are, and this is the movement we are currently becoming aware of.

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