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Our Contributions to Divine Consciousness

We are experience creators within the consciousness of the Creator. Every experience in our awareness is in the universal consciousness of the Creator. Our human consciousness is confined to a self-limited spectrum of dualistic energetics. This is a clever game that we participate in, and we constantly contribute our experiences to universal consciousness. Aside from this game, these experiences would not be possible for us or any higher being to know. We have experienced our limited identity so intensely, that we have felt and believed ourselves to be separate from the consciousness of the Creator, even though this is impossible, or we would not exist. We know this innately, and quantum physicists have also concluded that universal consciousness is the source of everything within and beyond space and time.

We exist within and beyond space and time in our conscious awareness. Our true awareness is infinite, as is our creative power. We are the ones who think, feel and sense experiences for universal consciousness. We have complete freedom to create energetic patterns with our state of being, our thoughts and feelings. We are players on the Earth stage, and we create the quality of our experiences just by how we believe ourselves to be. We also have the use of our intentional focus of attention and our ability to sense resonances and align with compatible energies. We can choose what we want to pay attention to, and we can use our attention intentionally in creative ways.

By being in a positive state, commanding positive emotions, envisioning and thinking of life-enhancing scenarios, we create the energetic level for our experiences. The intentions that we create are universal. This is the reason that we naturally want life-enhancing experiences for everyone. Our intuition guides us to interact with others from this perspective. We can be entirely Self-motivated, Self-sustaining, and unconditionally loving of all life and everything in eternal gratitude. We are fractals of the Creator, existing eternally in universal consciousness. This awareness is available to us now.

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