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Our Chosen Destiny

All of the difficulties we experience in our lives are self-imposed. They all have meaning and purpose for us. Without them, we would live in joy and bliss without challenges to our being. Why would we ever want to delve into the dark side and suffer as a result? Besides this, we’re subject to loss of awareness of our true Being when we incarnate. Then we’re subject to training in self-identity as victims and villains with limited awareness and mental ability, living as isolated individuals without innate support in a dangerous world. We were given free will to be anyone we want and do anything we can imagine, and this is what we’ve become. What really is the nature of our experience on Earth? Everything here seems so real to us, even though it’s all a play of energetic vibrations that our consciousness interprets as empirical.

It is possible to understand our situation, but not while we’ve locked into fear and anxiety. We have to extract ourselves into a condition of emotional neutrality and mental calmness. We must each discover how to do this through deep, rhythmic breathing, being in beautiful natural environments, listening to uplifting music and deep meditation. We can be inspired in loving relationships with other beings, and we can penetrate our own presence, searching for the truth of our Being. This is a process of awakening and expanding our awareness beyond the empirical. It can begin with an experience of deep love. This is not empirical. It’s not even emotional, although it can involve mental and emotional aspects. It is an awareness of our true Being projected into our experience.

By penetrating our awareness of deepest love, we open our connection to our inner truth and to all that exists. This awareness takes us into consciousness beyond the physical and opens our awareness of unconditional love expressed in universal consciousness. This journey into love raises the vibrations of our energy signature and expands our awareness into a higher realm of beauty and joy. From here we can realize that our experience in the limited consciousness of fear and anxiety have served us by causing us to look for the truth of our Being. We now know how life feels in the lower vibrations of experience, and we can be fully responsible in the exercise of our free will for the greatest good of all.

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