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Our Call to Ascension

Our thoughts and feelings are like prayers that radiate out into the quantum field and bring back experiences in the level of vibration that we feel as we focus our attention. Because we live in a quantum field of energy, the most important elements for us to realize are that we are continuously creating our experiences; the vibratory frequencies of the energy patterns in our minds and emotions create a constantly-changing energy signature. Its radiance modulates the energies that we encounter and think about to create for us experiences that align with our vibrations. These are our creative abilities. When we are fully conscious in our true Self, we have complete control over our minds and emotions, because we are focused on high-vibration feelings and visions. This means living in the energetic spectrum of joy, abundance, gratitude and love. This realm is our natural state of Being, and it is what we are being drawn toward by the rising resonant frequencies of the Earth and our galaxy.

It is from this natural state of Being that we decided to enlarge our awareness and our ability to love. Since we could easily realize more love, we chose to deepen our love by experiencing its opposite in the dense low-vibration fear-based energy patterns held in place by the awareness of all of humanity. Then we also created experiences of servitude and slavery, and sometimes torture, for eons. We’ve endured the entire spectrum of fear-based, low-vibration energy, and now we can decide to return to our full consciousness.

The first step can be gratitude for our lives and everything we experience, even if this appears to contradict our current living conditions. Reality begins within us, not in any energy outside of us. There actually is no outside, because everything constantly arises out of universal consciousness, which we also arise from. We are all the same Being, and we all have access to universal consciousness and the unconditional love that connects us all.

Each of us contributes experiences to the universal consciousness of the Creator Being. Those experiencing the most difficult lives are to be commended for being brave enough to contribute to our knowing those experiences. Those experiences stimulate a greater deepening of our compassion, which is our purpose as seen from a high-vibration perspective.

To live in the spectrum of love, abundance and complete freedom, we must imagine that it’s possible. If we don’t thoroughly believe it, our consciousness becomes conflicted, and we create chaos in our experiences. Clarity is necessary for the best resonance. As we become able to imagine a life of miracles and wonders, we can begin to modulate energy patterns that we recognize as wonderful. The longer we can recognize high-frequency scenarios, the more compatible experiences we create for ourselves and everyone around us, as we energetically walk into a new dimension of living in alignment with the energy at the heart of our Being.

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