Our Backwards Process of Creation

As we experience the circumstances of our lives, we have learned to believe that things happen to us because of forces outside of our own conscious being. We have believed that our condition in life and the way others treat us is imposed on us from outside ourselves, that we are subject to forces beyond our personal control and are victims of circumstance. None of this is true.

We are sovereign Beings participating in the universal consciousness of our Creator Being and participating actively in every moment in the creation of our lives in this dimension of experience. How can we know this? We have learned from quantum physics that there are mysterious forces that we cannot understand from our empirical perspective. Physicists have identified the universal consciousness that constantly creates everything in expression of intelligent patterns of energy in a plasma realm that is understood as a unified quantum field of all potentialities. This is our cosmic environment, and it envelopes us and provides all the energetic patterns that we recognize as our experiences. Everything is conscious, from the minutest subatomic waves/particles to galaxies and universes. It all interacts with us according to the energetic patterns that we recognize and feel in our thoughts and emotions. Our conscious recognition creates our experiences.

As we observe and recognize energetic patterns in the quantum field, they become experiential in our physical bodies or in our imagination, but we have our limitations. We can recognize only what we believe is real for us personally. By believing and feeling that we are victims of circumstances, we become victims of everything from political mandates to poverty and suffering. By believing and knowing that we live in freedom, love and abundance, we create the circumstances that we can recognize as providing this reality in our experience. Once we recognize the energetic patterns that we want to experience, we are prompted in our intuitive knowing to take action that will be in alignment with the vibratory frequencies of our visions and feelings. If we do not follow through with our knowing, emotional creativity and inner guidance for our physical activity, our visions cannot become our experiences. If we falter in our creative process, we experience whatever we believed and realized consciously.

Our current situation is always a result of the energetic patterns that we put into the quantum field through the vibrations of our energy signature. These vibrations magnetically attract energetic patterns that align with us in our thoughts and emotions. What we believe we are experiencing becomes for us what we experience.

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