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Our Angelic Being

Most of us have a severe limitation that keeps us from realizing our true being. We don’t believe that we are divine, that we share the same consciousness with our Creator. We have learned to believe that we are limited in every way to the empirical world and to our physical bodies. Some do not even think about our conscious awareness of our presence, who we are beyond our body.

We have the advantage of knowing through the proof of quantum physics that everything is energy, various groups of energetic patterns, composed of electromagnetic and subtle vibrational waves in a possibly infinite variation of frequencies. We live in a portion of that spectrum of frequencies, and a portion of that is interpreted by our consciousness as physical experiences. The physical world is our interpretation of a spectrum of frequencies of energetic waves that become material when we are aware of them. In our being as creators, we have the ability to modulate the frequencies of any of these wave patterns in our perception through out emotions and imagination. The great limitation that keeps humanity from realizing this ability and being able to use it is belief that we do not have this ability. All of our beliefs are limitations to our conscious expansion.

Once we have resolved our limitations, we enter a new world of higher frequencies, which exists alongside the old world. The paths within these worlds are beginning to diverge, and the divergence keeps getting more extreme as the old world becomes more oppressive, and the new world becomes more attractive, as more of us are recognizing it and living in it.

Unless the cosmos is designed to self-destruct, it could only be designed to be perfect in every way. Any imperfection would create disharmony in the vibratory pattern of all that exists. In the design of our essential being, we also are perfect, as we know by logical deduction and extension. All we need now is recognition of this state of being through our intuitive imagination and high-frequency emotions. Once we learn that we can use the life force of our consciousness to create experiences, we can have great fun! We can live in a realm of beauty and peacefulness, radiating love and joy and abundance, uninvadable by low-vibrational energy.

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