Opening to the Truth of Our Being

Most of us have been trained to believe that we are imperfect in many ways, even sinful, and that we need others to help us and sustain us and ultimately to redeem us from our human situation. Meanwhile we allow ourselves to be enslaved, having to support a military-industrial complex that compels our submission. This situation can be transformed in our personal experience. Instead of living in fear of suffering and mortality, we can create a different kind of experience for ourselves.

Everything is energy, and the quality of our experiences comes about by the vibrations of our personal energy signatures. We magnetically attract energy patterns that resonate with our own. If we subject ourselves to low-vibration states of being, our experiences resonate with this spectrum of energy. So we suffer accordingly, but we can transform this energy opening our awareness up to better possibilities.

We can be grateful for just being a self-aware person, and that’s all we need to be. We don’t need to be limited to the vibrations of humanity. We are self-aware beings. For us, everything is a conscious choice. We’re moving toward inner emotional equilibrium, so that we can clearly receive the guidance of our intuitive feeling and knowing of everything. This transforms all limited beliefs about our being into knowing our innate divinity. It is the essence of the high-vibration energy of our heart. It is joy, peace and love. Knowing this energy level creates more of its experiences. To the extent that we can do this, our lives gradually change as our energy signature rises in frequencies.

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