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Opening to Our Inner Light

The light of our soul dwells in our heart. Our physical heart is symbolic of the essence of our Being, and it is the organ through which our bodies are enlivened. Our life force is constantly distributed by our heart throughout our body in combination with the conscious life force that flows to us through our breath.

In our human condition, we shut down our receptivity to much of this life force energy through negative thoughts and emotions and shallow breathing, as well as disconnecting ourselves from the natural vibrations of the Earth and our cosmic environment. Fear of threats in our social and natural environments have kept us in emotional stress. Our egos are hiding unresolved wounds, especially from childhood, when we are most vulnerable. We’ve developed many false beliefs about ourselves as a result of our experiences without higher guidance. All of these things and more make us spiritually disfunctional and unable to enjoy the power and awareness of our true Being, but we do not have to be stuck in this condition.

The first steps toward recovery of awareness of our expanded Self and essential Being can be taken by focusing on our current emotional state and recognizing the quality of the energy that we are holding. We have free will to choose what we feel and think about. We can recognize when we’re reacting irrationally due to hidden emotional trauma. At these times we can ask for guidance from within to identify the source of the trauma and resolve it with love and compassion for our inner child. As we clear our consciousness of our addictions to low-vibration energies of fear, greed and lust of all kinds, we can open ourselves to the flow of the natural energy of the Earth, beautiful music, deep inhalations of vibrant breath and the realization of our own conscious presence.

We have much to resolve within our psyche, but it is all self-imposed and can be self-resolved. Sometimes this requires extracting ourselves from everything we’re involved in and starting over. It requires sensitivity to our intuitive knowing and the willingness to receive inspiration from our heart through our emotions and imagination. It is being open to our deepest knowing as we gaze intently into our eyes in a mirror to see the light and feel the love coming back to us. In our true Being we are complete in our Selves and radiant with the energy of love, compassion and joy.

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