Opening to Our Eternal Self

For most of us, enlightenment doesn’t just happen. We need to choose to raise our vibrations as much as possible and pay attention to how we feel and what we focus upon. We can feel grateful for the conscious Being that we are. We can teach ourselves to be open to our unlimited abilities of all kinds. We can open ourselves to intuitive knowing of our essence in universal consciousness of high-vibratory energy. It is the realm of deepest love and joy. Intuitively we can realize this, because it’s is our natural level of vibration in the consciousness of the Creator.

Since we decided to enter the compartmentalized awareness of humanity, we have missed the fulfillment of our true Self and can never know that we personally have everything and are everyone. We have not believed that it could be so. Perhaps we didn’t even wonder about it, and so we were not open to it. Eventually all of us will decide to expand our conscious awareness to knowing our mastery of energy. We are designed to do and be whatever and whomever we choose.

We can express ourselves in many different scenarios in many different forms and dimensions, if this is what we choose to create. Our abilities are infinite, because we are fractals in the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. The requirement for this level of consciousness is raising the vibrations of our energy signature. This means moving beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves. It means envisioning and feeling as expanded as we can and moving our awareness beyond the body, beyond time and space and into eternity, without leaving our body. This is the path of mastery.

In our eternal awareness, we entertain high-vibrational thoughts and feelings without any personal attachment or desire for eventualities. We can be just present expanding awareness. It is beneficial to open ourselves in this way, while we’re in peaceful places in nature. Our alignment with the vibrations of the Spirit of the Earth and all living beings in nature helps us expand our awareness into the essence of the trees, plants, fungi and animals. They all have their own energetic patterns that we can attune to, and some are especially helpful in our expansion. All are in alignment with the consciousness of the Earth.

As we begin to awaken to the truth of our Being, we must confront all of our limiting beliefs, which we must examine critically, we can thank them for allowing us to have our limited human experience in a low-vibrational world. Our ability to be compassionate and loving is now much deeper than we were capable of feeling before incarnating. We now know suffering and fear deeply. When we’re ready, we can begin opening ourselves to our eternal Self.

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