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Opening to Infinite Awareness

Because it is infinite, consciousness cannot be measured. Our awareness exists within consciousness and is as expansive as we allow. As we open our receptivity to greater truth about who we are, our lives begin to change. We can feel and realize our energetic presence. This is not describable; but it can be known beyond the ego-mind. We can feel and realize the energetic presence of others, including those without physical bodies. How open and receptive we are, determines how expanded can be our awareness and alignment with our heart-consciousness. Our awareness can be beyond duality, without even a tinge of fear. This is in the realm of love and compassion.

By holding personal dramas and negative feelings toward others and ourselves, we block our awareness of the unconditional love in creator consciousness. By choosing to align with gratitude and joy, we can realize that we have an essence that we can feel. It is our presence of awareness. In the awareness of this presence, we can observe and direct our ego-consciousness, which cannot access infinite awareness and needs higher guidance to live a fulfilling life. We have been trained and have become accustomed to believing that we are our embodied ego-consciousness, and we have allowed this in order to have the most intense human experience.

No one can require us to live under limitations. They are entirely voluntary, but they will persist within us until we recognize and accept them and realize what they are. When we resolve and release them, we can open our awareness to our intuitive knowing. For eons we have lived with the belief that our limitations are real for us and for all humans. By carefully examining them and tracing them to their foundation in fear, we can find that that all limitation can be traced to belief in mortality. This is what we can transcend, when we realize that our presence of awareness is eternally present in universal consciousness.

In expressing ourselves as our current person, our human consciousness includes our subconscious, beyond the awareness of ego-consciousness. It is the storehouse of our experiences and limitations, the director of all of our bodily functions and the limiter of our awareness. Throughout our life, we have trained our subconscious to hold us in fear and limitation. We’ve also inherited limiting beliefs about ourselves. All of this can be resolved when we choose to open ourselves and receive the vibrations of Self-Realization flowing through our heart and enveloping us in the unlimited joy and ecstasy of life-enhancement for all.

Having the desire to know our true Self is the beginning of awakening. Then we must begin the quest of penetrating our limitations and opening our awareness to the infinite creative essence of who we are.

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