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Opening to Greater Potential Realization

The more we align with the energy of the heart of our Being, the more intense everything becomes. Our life force gains freedom from limiting beliefs and can stream into our awareness with greater brilliance. We can realize aspects of consciousness that enhance a greater awareness beyond the physical. Our understanding deepens into greater compassion and generosity, and we can be aware of what level of vibration we are focusing upon. Everything we experience is a choice in polarity and frequency.

With an intense desire, we can experience the deepest pure love and ecstatic joy, whenever we want to focus on one of their manifestations that we recognize. While knowing what alignment feels like, we can choose the most heart-centered and inspired perspective in every moment. In alignment with our intuitive knowing, our ego consciousness can be an observer until called upon.

If we have not been relying on higher guidance in our lives, our ego consciousness does not know about it. In this case, we can break free by resolving our limiting beliefs. All we have to do is to raise our positive vibrations into a more wonderful spectrum of energy, until we are in a state of knowing our creative ability, how to use it and trusting ourselves to do the right thing. We have intuitive knowing to be aware of in every moment. This awareness requires intentional practice to acquire and maintain, until we just naturally have it.

Many members of our spiritual family are on this planet currently. We are awakening to our expanded awareness and higher level of joy. If we have difficulty being positive, but we want to be, we can do so by finding a deep breathing technique that takes us beyond empirical limitations, such as controlled hyperventilation, or we can just laugh uncontrollably for 10 or 15 minutes. These practices can take us into a positive state of being, in which our intuition becomes more recognizable, and our ego is mystified.

When we are most receptive, we can align ourselves with our intuition, which flows into us with our life force from the consciousness of the Creator. We are guided by the intelligence that controls universal consciousness. As far as we can imagine and beyond, we have the ability to expand our awareness into universal consciousness. Versus the historical 7.83 cycles per second, it appears that the rising resonant frequency of Gaia is in the 40-100 cycles per second range. This new level is a good spectrum to align with. It’s filled with wonderful energetics of purity, abundance, freedom and joy, and it interpenetrates us right now.

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