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Opening Ourselves to Higher Guidance

In our true essence we are self-conscious Beings, arising out of the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. We are fractals of the One, having all attributes and abilities of the Creator. In our essence each of us is the Creator.

Prior to our incarnation on this planet, we desired to know even deeper love and compassion than we had ever known, and we decided to gain this depth of knowing by experiencing its opposite. We compartmentalized our consciousness into the limitations of the empirical spectrum of energetic vibrations so that we could lower our own vibrations into the level of fear and suffering, believing ourselves to be mortal. We created our ego consciousness to navigate this realm, guided by our limited mental processes and social conditioning. And we intended to awaken out of our compartmentalized hypnotic trance to our intuitive knowing in order to return to our true Being in infinite love and joy.

In the human experience we have chosen to know the entire spectrum of low vibrations, all of which stimulate some level of anger, judgment, fear and stress in us. In these vibrations love does not exist in its true essence. It becomes conditional attachment. Our true essence is unconditional love, and when we do not realize its presence in us, we feel deprived and needy. We imagine all manner of deprivations, such as poverty, hunger and fear of survival. These conditions are all self-created, many of them sub-consciously, as a result of our predominant perspective of low vibrations. When we are in the midst of low-frequency experiences, we become emotionally unable to choose our desired higher-vibrational state of being. We keep feeling and recognizing our distraught condition and creating it over and over by our continuing focus, sending it our life force.

Only when we realize that we are capable of true unconditional love can we begin to extract ourselves from vibrating at low frequencies. We can recognize that everything we experience has a purpose, ultimately to allow us to acquire the deepest compassionate wisdom. We can gain access to high-frequency love vibrations in the energy of the heart of our Being. If we make this our journey into the truth of ourselves, we can transform our lives into continuing experiences of love and abundance. We do this by raising our vibrations and recognizing the light in the heart of everyone, even the darkest ones. It is this light that we can relate to, and only this light from the infinite One. We can open our awareness to a higher dimension of life that is always present for us, just awaiting our recognition and the realization of our presence in it.

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