On the Path Toward Mastery of Life

Imagine being the master of every situation you are in. How do you feel in these situations? We always have the free choice of how we want to feel in any situation. Our emotions hold the magnetic power of our consciousness. Our minds may keep us busy, while our emotions can send the vibrations of our heart throughout our being, if we so intend them to. This center of our consciousness lives in a world vibrating at the frequency of love and vitality. These frequencies arise out of the universal consciousness and provide the life force of our essential Being. We are constantly arising from the quantum field into our personal present consciousness beyond time and space in the universal consciousness of all creation in every present moment for all of eternity. We are destined to know our own presence of Being.

Our move toward conscious expansion can be our intention to be kind and compassionate in every encounter. It doesn’t matter what kind of energy we are facing, what matters is our vibration, our mental and emotional radiance. True mastery can occur when we have control of our thoughts and emotions. We can have confidence that we are the creators in every moment, not the reactors. Reactors are creators of the vibrations that they are reacting to. We are always creators with our predominant vibratory frequency. This is the energy stream of the intersection of the planes of our mental and emotional vibratory patterns. It is our state of being in every moment.

We’ve been accustomed to thinking that we’re mortal and that our consciousness terminates with the body. Perhaps this personality may disappear into another dimension, but our present conscious awareness is eternal. We exist beyond time and space. Our personality self is a creative extension of our innermost Being, who is unlimited in every way. We can be aware of anything we want to recognize and energize with our life force as we focus on it in love, gratitude and joy. We can radiate these energies into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience. This becomes easier as the resonant frequency of our planet and our galaxy continues to rise, and it is the direction of the energy flow enveloping humanity.

We are sovereign and free in every moment that we know we are. We can hold this energy in every encounter. Any time we feel fear in any encounter, it’s time to adjust our perspective to knowing that each of us is an eternal presence of Being in conscious awareness. We cannot be threatened, because we exist eternally, beyond time and space. Threats are energy patterns that we do not need to align with. Any threat is a parasitic extension attempting to enter our consciousness. We can resolve it into neutrality or even modulate it into a higher-vibrating energy pattern by being firmly our true unconditionally-loving Self.

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