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On Being Who We Really Are

Our entire cosmos has an energy signature. Every galaxy has its own energy signature, and so does every sun and planet. All of them are conscious beings, just like us, but with different manifestations created in their essential Being, just like us. All of them arise from the same universal consciousness that we do. Gaia, the Spirit of our planet, has her own energy signature, which is partially displayed on the Shumann Resonance Graph. This graph shows us the energy patterns that will be manifesting in our empirical world shortly. As the vibrations change, the physical manifestations change. The quality of these changes indicates the changing vibrational quality of the Earth. This is the energy spectrum that we live within. If we are out of resonance with it, we feel as if we have no heart-felt connection with Gaia. If we can be people of the land, even occasionally, and walk barefoot on the earth, swim beneath waterfalls, hike through forests, dive into clear waters and climb high mountains, we can align with what we feel in these immersions in nature. We intuitively can align with Gaia’s vibrations, if we are open to feeling them. Many indigenous people have this connection, but most “civilized” people do not. We can recover it with our intentional openness to the conscious presence of Gaia radiating from her planetary body.

Humanity has its energy signature. All of the different races and individuals contribute to its vibrational spectrum. The higher vibrations are the more powerful, but we designed the human experience to occur predominantly in low-vibratory frequencies of various forms of fear. Now humanity is out of alignment with the rising frequencies of Gaia. As a result, there is instability, chaos, political insanity and great oppression, while we process the adjustment to higher frequencies. Those who choose to stay in the traditional spectrum of humanity’s energy signature decide to continue life as they know it. If we choose to live high-vibrational lives, we can do so. We must make the choice and recognize high-vibrational experiences. Life becomes filled with enjoyment, compassion, peace, gratitude, love and abundance in every way. This all manifests just by our way of Being. We live in these emotional states and attune to the energy of the heart of our Being in our thoughts and feelings. We do this in every encounter we have and every kind of energy that we face. In this way we transform ourselves into the One we were created to be, and we can trust ourselves to use our infinite creative power wisely and in energetic alignment with high frequency scenarios.

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