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Music Can Expand Consciousness

Musical vibrations stimulate our emotions to resonate with the music. When the music is high-frequency, it draws the frequency of our energy signature into a higher resonance. This is a valuable way to penetrate our boundaries in consciousness. High-frequency quantum energy music can carry our awareness into ecstatic moments of joy. This level of focus introduces us into a completely different and wonderful experience of life. Once we experience this deepest love and compassion, we can always return to this vibration with our intention. This is the realm of the most beautiful music now being expressed by highly conscious musicians. This vibration can’t be known or understood by the mind. Music is the language of our emotions. They can provide great enjoyment for our journey into ourSelves.

Every culture has music of high vibrations. The musicians have access to expanded consciousness on an emotional level. They are listening to etheric vibrations and expressing them in our musical scales. Music that expresses high-frequency joy and beauty draws us into resonance with that frequency and expands our awareness into wonderful feelings beyond our usual experience. We can have imaginary visions along with our feelings, but our focus is on what our emotions are conveying, because they can elevate our energy signature. Higher vibrations give us feelings of joy and love in an expanded perspective.

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