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Moving Through Levels of Consciousness

In the beginning of creation, we did not exist in our personal consciousness, but we were points of light in the universal consciousness of the Prime Creator. We were involved in the creative process beyond space and time. As our personal self-awareness came into existence, we could recognize ourselves as each an eternal presence of Being, always existing and always creating. We are pure awareness in the quantum field of unlimited energy forms and patterns. We are the modulators of energy, constantly creating by the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions. In our true Presence, we can express ourselves in any form and in any timeline and dimension that we choose to focus upon.

In order to have a real experience in the low vibratory realm of suffering, pain and fear, we agreed to have our awareness wiped clean upon incarnation on Earth. We have been unable to recognize our true Being and have experienced the full spectrum of fear. This is our final lifetime in a low-vibration earth human experience. We’re here to clear our consciousness and guide humanity into a higher realm of open awareness of our participation in universal consciousness and Creator awareness.

As we come to elevate our awareness along with the rising resonant frequencies of our enveloping energetic flow, our personal relationships improve and become more heart-felt. Those who don’t align with our energetic signature disappear from our experience. We are comfortable in higher-frequency living. Higher frequencies of thoughts and emotions bring less fear and more love into our lives.

To be truly clear in our consciousness, we must be able to be absolutely present conscious awareness all the time. This is what we are developing in our rising resonant energies. We are capable of awareness that may be infinite. There is so much available to us beyond the physical, and we have the opportunity to raise the vibrations of our physical bodies along with our consciousness. We are becoming aware of our ability to create experiences intentionally for ourselves, as they flow in harmony with unconditional love in universal consciousness. This is the electromagnetic direction that humanity is being drawn toward.

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