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Moving Out of Suffering and into Fulfillment

Complete fulfillment for us happens when we focus on the energy of the heart of our Being, represented through our physical heart. The purpose of our heart is to enliven us and inspire us with deepest knowing, and it does this regardless of what we do to it. This is our clue in knowing how to interact with threatening situations and people. They are all limited by the low vibrations of fear. We have been in this spectrum of energy during most of our earthly lives, but we are not required to align with it. We can challenge it by aligning ourselves with the love vibration. We can understand every situation and person from the perspective of compassionate wisdom. When we do this, we elevate our energy signature out of the low-vibration spectrum of fear-based experiences and into a higher-frequency spectrum of vibrations. In this level of energy, experiences happen differently, because our emotional and mental attractions are generating an electromagnetic polarity that attracts wave patterns that come into alignment with us.

In conscious alignment with love-based, high-frequency energies, we can face any assault on our lower-vibrational human. While we remain in high-vibratory thoughts and feelings, we are not available for assaults, because we vibrate at a higher frequency of vitality. The human threat transforms into an experience of love, or it disappears into another dimension beyond our personal experience. This seems like magic, but it’s just a different spectrum of energy beyond our present perception. Because our present awareness is limited by our beliefs about ourselves, in order to expand our consciousness, we must resolve all of our limiting beliefs, which do not allow for our eternal Being.

Our bodies age, not because it’s natural, but because we believe that they age. We have taught our innate being to gradually withdraw life force from the body. We can reverse this by changing our belief, at the deepest level of our consciousness by intentionally calling up feelings of deepest love for our true Self, our own expanded conscious Self, who lives in eternal unconditional love and joy. Once we transform the fear of termination of our consciousness into knowing our eternal Being, we can begin to realize our multidimensional essence living beyond time and space. From our greater Self, we are projecting our human presence within a compartmentalized consciousness in order to experience intensely what would otherwise be impossible.

If we stop giving our life force to anything that limits us, by aligning our attention with the vibration of truth, we can clear our consciousness of all fear-based beliefs and limitations. For this we can be forgiving of everyone and all situations, accepting of all, and loving of all for all of the energies we have experienced. We have developed deep compassion and greater love as a result. We can resolve all of this and open ourselves to higher-vibrational visions and feelings. Life becomes wonderful in every way, because the higher dimension of experience that manifests for us is based in the love vibration.

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