Moving into Eternal Freedom

There is a galactic-wide rising consciousness occurring, and the Spirit of the Earth is expanding in consciousness, causing the frequency spectrum of our planet to expand and rise in vibrations. This is the direction of our life stream. We are destined to expand our awareness into higher vibrations of living.

Throughout history we have been tricked into allowing ourselves to be enslaved. We are naturally free Beings and cannot be enslaved, but our compartmentalized human consciousness does not know this. Energetically the issues involved here require a leap in consciousness. We must be willing to be the best person we can imagine ourselves to be, regardless of results. This is a leap beyond ego-consciousness and requires higher vibrations of mental and emotional states of being, regardless of what we are encountering. We must be willing to be finished with suffering, pain and fear of termination. We must change our emotional polarity to positive, high-vibrations at all times, knowing that we are cared-for by the structure and operation of the cosmos. By living in high vibratory energy in our thoughts and feelings, we attract that kind of energy into our experience. With this perspective, we are available to our intuitive knowing of how to interact and live.

When we have emotionally freed ourselves from fear, threatening situations can transform into positive energy, or they disappear from our experience. We can be confident and grateful for our natural well-being and abundant level of living in freedom and sovereignty, not wanting anything from anyone. We can be completely Self-sufficient. Our intuition guides us constantly in everything we need to know. We only need to pay attention to it and follow its guidance in the vibratory level of love and life-enhancing thoughts and feelings. We can be vivacious and filled with vitality, because only good things can happen in our experience. This is the world we are creating from the energy of our heart.

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