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Moving from Ego-Consciousness to Intuitive Guidance

As we move through the turning of the ages, the hidden, most negative energies that have existed among humanity for eons are being brought into the light. As a result, our society appears to be crumbling and destroying itself from within. This is a healing catharsis, moving us to understand that we are much greater than we believed. If this were not happening, the negatively-oriented beings could have completed their enslavement of humanity with no hope of our ever realizing the truth of our Being, because people would not have realized that the prison doors were closing permanently.

Although the mass of humanity has acquiesced to living in duality, recognizing suffering and mortality as inevitable, it is only a choice, and its reality in our experience is created in our own consciousness. We are not naturally required to live in need of anything outside of our own being. We all are designed to be masters of our human lives, living in joy and confidence, free to be whoever our hearts desire.

Now the light is dawning within the consciousness of many. When we become only positive, guided by our deepest inner knowing of positive, high vibrations, we can live in confidence and freedom that cannot be believable for those who are unaware of their intuitive guidance. There is more than one level of life present among humanity, and we have the ability to choose the one we want to live in. We can live in duality or only positive. These are experiences of conscious recognition and realization.

As we become more capable of expanding our awareness in greater vitality and joy, our lives become more abundant and richer in every kind of experience. As we resolve our limiting beliefs and are able to transcend ego-consciousness, we can more fully realize our inner knowing and divine purpose in relation to all conscious beings. We become capable of living beyond the negative energies present in humanity. We can be aware of conflict, chaos and life-diminishing energies, but they exist in their own realm of polarity and vibratory level. We are not required to interact and participate in that spectrum of energy.

We can actually live in a level of energy in which we do not need to encounter negative energy, once we become consciously and subconsciously completely positive in alignment with our higher-conscious intuition. At this level of consciousness, we are also in alignment and telepathic communication with ascended beings beyond the physical. Our intuition protects us from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The transition from ego-conscious guidance to intuitive knowing is the challenging part. Once we know and practice the process of intuitive alignment, we can make the leap in consciousness more easily.

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