Moving Ecstatically Through our Incarnation

The essence of all life is unconditional love, which few humans are aware of. We often write and speak of unconditional love, but what is it really? It is the constant conscious expression of the Creator into the vacuum fluctuation of the unified quantum field flowing out into all conscious entities in existence. It is the connection of all in the universal consciousness of the Creator. What we normally call love is an energy of attraction and compatibility. It is a desire for union. If we continue on the emotional continuum from here, we move toward the desire for union with the Light, the essence of the life force in every Being. When we recognize this Light, our lives become ecstatic in every way.

From the actions of the minutest waves/particles to the interaction of galaxies, everything in nature is a dance of perfect operations of life in high vibrational energy of unconditional love. Being infinite, it provides all that is needed to enjoy a high-quality life for every being. While incarnated with humanity here, we can naturally live as humans being well-cared-for on all levels of life. This is our natural state of Being beyond the human experience, when we are just Self-aware.

Being Self-aware for persons who are moving into high-vibrational Being, is a state of being clear mentally and emotionally. Just being aware can bring into focus the wonders of natural energy patterns into our being. Here is where we find the beginning of awareness of unconditional love.

At this point we can be aware of our personal essential Being. This is beyond the ability of the mind and ego to imagine. We know it through our emotions. In this focus of our Being, we find joy and abundance flowing through our lives. We are beginning to understand unconditional love as the essence of our Being as creators of infinite ability.

From the perspective of an enlightened Being, living among humanity becomes a compassionate and interesting life with the radiance of the One Consciousness that is the Creator of all.

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