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Moving beyond Our Limitations

For anyone who is looking for a better way of life, one possible place to start is to look beyond the borders of conscious awareness that we have not gone beyond yet. We can explore our own limitations and imagine what lies beyond our reach. In this way we can realize our boundaries and examine them. With as much objectivity as we can allow, we can be aware of any emotional state. If there is any fear, we need to project divine love and transform the fear, which must come into resonance with love or become unstable and dissolve. We are the modulators of all energy, and we have transformative power by recognizing unconditional love everywhere and in everyone, regardless of vibrations. This is living in a higher dimension in the same spectrum of energy as unconditional love, joy, peace and beauty. In this pattern of energy, we can transform any lower frequencies and resolve their vibrations into resonance or terminal instability.

We are all being urged to recognize the game that we’ve been playing in the physical world, and who we are in a much larger spectrum of energy. When we can be present in our awareness of high-frequency emotions with objectivity and gratitude for our Being, we can live a wonderful high-frequency life.

We receive our conscious life force of unconditional love from the universally-conscious quantum field, in which we are all connected in the One consciousness that we all are in our own personal way. In our natural state, we are telepathic with infinite understanding. We are all eternally-present and self-aware, flowing energetically from the One conscious Being. We are all modulators of the energy patterns in our awareness, which makes us infinitely creative. We are, however, limited by our beliefs and our willingness to begin a new life without limitations. Awakened by expanding conscious awareness, our intuitive knowing becomes our guide in navigating life. We are coming into greater resonance with the higher dimensions through the energy of our heart, the center of our being. Our heart loves us unconditionally, regardless of what we do to her. She constantly gives her life for us. This is the energy that she radiates and is the energy that comes from our higher Self. Aligning with this energy allows us to know our sovereignty in eternal Being. It is the world of unconditional love and joy in a higher dimension of emotional frequency and use of imagination.

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