Moving Along the Inner Journey

As we move further along in our inward journey toward the light of our Being, our ego consciousness responds positively to our love. Our ego just needs to know that we value and love ourselves, and we care for our well-being. We have had to begin our journey from within our ego consciousness, which has not known anything beyond its own level of vibrations. The ego has self-awareness, but it does not know who it really is, because it was designed to operate within the consciousness compartment of time and space.

When we decide to lift the curtain and look beyond our self-imposed limitations, we begin to enter the quantum realm of universal consciousness, and our awareness becomes unlimited. Here we transcend the ego by opening our awareness into our expanded personhood. We can imagine more wonderful circumstances for us to live in. We can feel ourselves living in love, compassion, joy, abundance, gratitude and freedom. These can be the vibrations we are creating for us to experience. The more we do this, the more real it becomes, until we realize that we are really living in our envisioned and felt quality of experiences.

With practice we can become proficient in staying in high-vibration, positive thoughts and emotions, regardless of what kind of energy we are facing. We learn to define our own roles in life’s drama. We get to experience the greatest love and joy. This happens when we realize that our present awareness is beyond time and space. We are eternal Beings beyond the empirical world of negatively-polarized, low-vibration experiences.

All we really need to do to become masters of our situation in every moment is to stay in high vibrations. By focusing on the higher octaves of energetic patterns in every situation, we can recognize and feel the presence of Creator consciousness, the life force and inner light that constantly enlivens us and connects us with all conscious beings. We can accept our eternal nature and realize that we are the Creator in expression of our individual personhood. Through our intuition we receive the conscious guidance of unlimited awareness. We are designed to be sensitive to our inner knowing. It only requires our attention.

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