More Intimacy with Our True Self

We may want to know who we truly are, but we don’t know how to go about it. We’ve designed the Matrix of human experience to be so powerfully engaging in our consciousness, that we may not even suspect that we are anyone more than our empirical life. If we look beyond the obvious to the higher-frequency electromagnetic wave patterns, we can feel them.

In using the intentional power of our focus, we can be acutely aware of our feelings in every moment. We can learn to be aware of the vibrational patterns in our experience through how we feel. We can feel the difference in the energies of fear and those of love and compassion. When we are aware of the emotional level of the vibrations that we encounter, we can attract and be magnetically attracted to the spectrum of energy patterns that resonate with us. By being who we truly want to be, we learn to direct our focus to the energy patterns that we love the most.

We may encounter many self-imposed blocks to higher awareness that we must resolve in order to be free. Our ego cannot be eternal if we believe that we’re mortal. The ego was created to believe that it’s mortal. It’s the only way that we could be fully human. The ego, however, must respect higher guidance, which we know intuitively in our Being. Our ego needs us to love him/her and be considerate and understanding. Only when our ego is without stress can we align with the intuition of our essential Being. The ego can learn to trust that we are aligned with our true essence that constantly flows to us through the energy of our heart in our intuition. This is where we know ourselves beyond belief and beyond empirical experience. We are each a pure presence of self-awareness within universal consciousness, having infinite creative abilities, one of which is the expression of our energy signature as our physical body. Without beliefs in our limitations, our bodies can be eternal, youthful and beautiful, if that is how we would like to express ourselves. We do not need our bodies, but we are now capable of truly enjoying them.

We can open our awareness to this higher dimension of vibratory frequencies, which we can immediately recognize through our feelings. When we choose to focus in the spectrum of love and compassion, we are moving into an intimate alignment with our true personalized essence of Being.

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