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Modulating Our Vibrations

Humanity is preparing to awaken from the spectrum of vibrations that we have focused within for eons. Many have already gone beyond our traditional vibrational spectrum into both very deep and dark low-vibrations as well into very high, radiantly bright vibrations. We are all creating a vibrational level that we prefer to resonate with.

The Earth is creating a higher-resonating frequency pattern, which keeps rising. Humanity must adjust to this higher-vibratory spectrum or be unable to stay on this planet. We are all responding to these changing conditions in our own consciousness. If we choose to rise in resonance with Gaia, we can adopt the perspective of compassion and joy in every interaction. We can expect to see the light in everyone and to relate to that light. We can transform the vibrations of everything we encounter from fear into love and joy, because we recognize our expanding awareness. We can choose to be in joy and to interact with compassion and wisdom, even in low-vibration situations.

Chaos and destruction on many levels can happen around us, and we do not feel that energy, because we can direct our emotions into higher vibrations. Our personal experiences begin to come from the vibratory level of the life-stream flowing through our heart. To be successful in gaining a higher perspective and living it, we must be intent on it. We must act, guided by our intuitive knowing. This is where our attention must be receptive.

Whatever we do with our thoughts and emotions is a creative act as well as a momentary experience. By directing our feelings and awareness toward high-vibration perspectives in every moment, we are expanding into our eternal Self-consciousness. We can align with the unconditional love that streams into our Being continuously as the essence of our Creator. This is our process of awakening.

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