Modulating Our State of Being

Perhaps you’ve experienced ecstatic dancing and singing. It takes us out of our body consciousness. Deep meditation as the observer brings a similar intensity, as does focusing on our emotional heart energy and imagining love everywhere and in everyone, because it is, and we can intuitively know this.

When we can be just present as objective observer, we do not give our life force out randomly. We allow our energy signature to grow in intensity for the creation of the patterns of unconditional love flowing through our heart. When we focus and recognize through our feelings the vibratory frequency pattern of everything we encounter, we can intentionally stay in the high frequency emotions and allow ourselves to be sovereign in our Being. With this deep realization, we know we are each an eternal presence that cannot be violated in any way, unless we open ourselves to it. We all intuitively know how to read energies and what our interaction with them entails. For a sovereign Being, any threats are imaginary and have no substance to them. Any low-vibration situations we encounter are just dramatic distractions in passing.

Each of us is an individualized self-aware multi-dimensional presence of Being. We have extended our presence into our physical bodies and endowed them with our conscious life force. Even though we each have our own energy signature and state of being, we all have the same source of Being. The prime Creator consciousness exists as a quantum plasma field of all potentialities. This is where the creative power arises from. We receive our conscious life force constantly flowing to us out of the conscious quantum field and are the modulators of all of the energies in the quantum field in all dimensions.

From the perspective of infinite creative ability and power, our current Earth situation isn’t even a challenge. Now is when we realize that we had to make ourselves small and believe that we are only vulnerable mortal humans in order to be able to satisfy our curiosity about exploring the lower vibrations. We’re finished with that experience now, and it’s time to remember who we truly are.

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