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Meeting Our Higher Self

As we begin to awaken to our true essence, our deepest being, where our life force is constantly flowing from the Source of our consciousness, we realize the presence of our personal divine eternal Being. We experience this presence to some extent all the time. We would not have consciousness without it. The radiant splendor of the fullness of this Being is constantly being given to us, but we can receive only as much as our self-imposed limitations will allow. These limitations are expressed in our personal energy signature, which vibrates within a spectrum of frequencies determined by our predominant beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Each of these expresses itself as a specific frequency pattern that we feel and apprehend. In order to experience our radiant Presence, we must raise our energy signature vibrations to higher and higher frequencies through our focus on the light within our deepest sense of being. As we seek our divine Presence within, we attract higher-frequency energy, which results in more beautiful and loving experiences.

If our intentional calling to the light is powerful enough to blast through all of our inner limitations, we can become immediately enlightened, as sometimes happens at religious revivals and deep meditations, as well as out of body experiences. Unless the one who just had one of these experiences has arrived as a result of thorough intentional clearing of personal consciousness, one’s energy signature returns to its previous level. What remains in our consciousness after one of these intense spiritual experiences is the memory of how it felt. We now know what unconditional love is and true joy on a more expansive scale than we could currently imagine. This is life in the dimension of frequencies that we are moving toward, as the energy signature of humanity rises in vibrating frequencies.

The resonant frequency of the Earth is rising, and this higher-frequency spectrum of energy destabilizes the low-vibrational dark force, drawing it into resonance with the higher, more powerful vibrations of the more enlightened ones. Those who identify with the low vibrations are beginning to feel destabilization in their consciousness. They will either go with the realignment toward the light or move to a more suitable planet for their energy spectrum.

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