Mastery of Life

Because everything that exists is held in consciousness at created frequencies, some conscious director must create the frequencies. Let’s call this universal self-realized consciousness the Creator. Everything the Creator has imagined and felt into existence is in a resonant frequency with its originator. From our human perspective, this is a very high frequency of being. This is the natural state of everything.

We are the potentially anomalous energy creators, because our consciousness is free to create experiences for ourselves of any frequency and density we can imagine and feel. All we have to do is realize and believe that we truly have this ability, because we do. We have the ability to perceive far beyond the frequency range of the empirical world and to create the experiences our hearts desire. There is no karma in this quest, because it is a journey of the heart. It is prompted through our emotions and intuition, and it goes beyond the ability of the conscious mind, which must wait with patience and observe. We are training our ego with great love and assurance.

Our consciousness modulates the vibrations in the quantum field of unlimited energy waves and patterns surrounding us with the quality of our predominant thoughts and emotions. This creates our experience and is expressed in our energy signature, which radiates its frequency spectrum into the quantum field.

If we just keep feeling for the unconditional love that constantly flows through us as the energy of our heart, we can totally change our situation and transform our consciousness into its naturally divine essence. If we can truly realize who we are as eternal Beings, we can live in a world of peace, abundance, joy and unconditional love flowing constantly from our Creator, and we can do this now. It immediately sets us on the path toward higher consciousness.

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