Mastery of Energetic Dimensions

We are participating in a game of consciousness. In our current dimension of human experience, we have compartmentalized our awareness to be able to experience fear in all of its aspects, which we could never know in our true Being, in which we know only unconditional love and joy. We had to impose false beliefs about ourselves, and we had to erase all memory and awareness of our natural essence and abilities. This game is now ending, as the Earth enters an expanded phase of consciousness. Humanity is awakening in recognition of the limitations of consciousness that we have experienced as reality. Our limitations have been based upon a spectrum of low-vibration energy that expresses fear, but the vibrations of Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, are rising, along with the entire energetic spectrum of our enveloping cosmos. This is destabilizing the low-frequency vibrations and everyone who aligns with them and is creating greater vitality and brilliance all around and within everyone who resonates with the rising frequencies.

It is not part of human training and programing to recognize that we are energy Beings. As a result, we have been unaware of our capabilities and have believed that our lives are directed by fate or chance or punishment and reward. We have been taught that everything that happens to us is caused by forces or beings outside of ourselves. Someone else has caused us to experience pain and suffering, or we’ve had a stroke of good luck. This is not how life works. Everything we are and experience arises from our own Being and is reflected outwardly. Our perspectives and beliefs become our experiences.

Everyone who has had an out-of-body experience has reported that when we, in our conscious awareness, leave our body, we enter a realm beyond time and space in a different dimension. It’s not necessarily a different place, but it’s a different vibration. It is less solid and is instantly created by our imagination and emotions. It is filled with wonderful persons and imbued with the unconditional love and joy of our unlimited natural consciousness. All who have died and came back have reported that they were so fulfilled that they did not want to come back, but did so, because they knew that they had not yet fulfilled their embodied destiny. They were forever changed and no longer were subject to fear, because they had experienced our eternal Being.

We do not need to die to experience our eternal Being. We have been created to be Self-realized in the fullness of greatest love and creative ability. Even in our limited state of being human, we still are our true Being and have access to our ability to modulate the energy patterns that we encounter. We are the Creators of our lives, and we are now awakening to our truth and are beginning to cooperate in creating the beautiful new world that we all want to participate in.

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