Mastering Our Vibrations

In order to become masters of our lives, we must move beyond fear of every kind. The ultimate fear is termination of our conscious Being. If we can cure this misunderstanding of ourselves, we can eliminate all other fear.

Quantum physics has shown us that we interact with other energy patterns in the quantum field. Anything we imagine and recognize instantly appears for us on a subatomic level. If we can imagine that we are the energy of our subatomic particle/waves, then we experience the energy of our subatomic elements. We experience the realm beyond time and space, while our conscious attention is aware of timelines and their consequences. We can be aware of the true energy of our heart and know its guidance for us. We have the ability to imagine wonderful experiences and feel ourselves being in these experiences. If we have only these thoughts and feelings for a sustained period of time, we can learn to enter the reality of that spectrum of energy. It usually requires disciplined, intentional practice to make this leap in conscious expansion with confidence.

We know that we have energy signatures that manifest the bodies that we recognize. Energy is an eternal expression of universal consciousness. Energy can change vibration and form, but cannot be destroyed. Since we are the ones who create our personal energy signatures with the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions, we are also eternal, because what we create are expressions of ourselves. What we create is energy patterns that we experience.

The quality of our energy signatures can exist in the vibratory range of fear or the range of love. The dividing line between fear and true love is the consciousness of being eternal. It is the dimension of conscious awareness of the eternal now moment, which includes all moments in the quantum field. Here we can align with the energy of the Earth, whose frequency resonance is rising into new higher octaves. All humans who wish to continue to live on this planet must make the leap into Self-conscious eternal Being. The lower vibrations are now facing interference with the rising frequencies of the Earth and are weakening and dissolving without amplitude.

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