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Manifesting Our Visions of the New World

Since everything is electromagnetic energy patterns, any changes that we create must attract energy patterns in resonance with our creative vibratory frequencies. By imagining and feeling ourselves participating in high-frequency scenarios, we are creating experiences in resonance with these energetic frequencies. We can do this with all aspects of life, spanning as far as we desire. As each of us practices this form of creation in love and compassion, we can intentionally enter the presence of our true Being.

While we are moving into living in very high-frequency unconditional love that constantly flows through our heart on every vibratory level of our Being, we are also attracting others who are in resonance with our energy signature, strengthening the power of our radiance into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience and radiating into the energy spectrum of humanity, motivating others to awaken to their real Selves and recognizing the contrived structure of the Matrix we’ve been confining our awareness to. Our expansion of consciousness leads to others’ desire to participate in this process. We already have the critical number of awakened souls to be able to transform humanity. This is what we are doing intentionally, as we create the world of high-vibratory joy, abundance and freedom in all ways.

The low vibrations of fear cannot exist in a high-vibration environment. Low vibrational anergy must come into resonance with the higher frequency emotions or become unstable and dissolve into random energy patterns, waiting to be modulated by a creative being. This is the process that we are introducing to humanity by expanding our realization of who we are. As more of us come into alignment with high-vibration realization and feeling, we are expanding the consciousness of humanity as well. We interact with one another from a perspective of compassion and wisdom, creating high-frequency interactions.

By taking time to meditate on conscious expansion, ultimately to encompass the cosmos, we begin to recognize the unlimited presence and feeling of our own Being. Now we can encounter life from this perspective and expect miracles.

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