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Managing the Limits of Our Awareness

Through our intention to be open, clear and present, we can feel ourselves being drawn into the consciousness of the Creator in deepest love and greatest joy. This is our natural state of Being, and we are naturally drawn toward this level of vibration. Our attraction comes from deep within our consciousness. While this is happening, we can maintain a perspective of life-enhancing thoughts and feelings in every moment. This is a path to knowing more of our true essence, as we evolve toward full Self-Realization.

Our challenges are greatest at the beginning, because our attempts at openness are blocked by our limiting beliefs. We have not allowed ourselves to realize that we can have infinite awareness. We have not allowed ourselves to open our awareness to realms unknown in our empirical experience or in our ego-consciousness. There is more than one dimension here in our consciousness. Dimensions of potential experiences are present for us to recognize; otherwise, we’re not aware of them, and they do not affect us.

For openness to be effective, we can intentionally focus on positive, high-vibratory thoughts and feelings. By transforming our negative experiences into positive ones with our imagination and emotions, we create high-vibratory experiences for ourselves, regardless of the energies held by others around us. This is life-transforming. It requires strong intention and practice to perfect, but the ultimate achievement is beyond wonderful. It elevates everyone around us and brings us into alignment with the rising energetics of Gaia.

Since we are constantly radiating the energetic level of our attention, we can elevate our state of being by paying attention to life-enhancing thoughts and feelings, and by aligning with them intentionally. This kind of presence of Being establishes a positive energy signature, existing in a higher octave of life experiences. Negative influences dissolve into a lower dimension for us.

Ego consciousness exists without higher guidance and cannot understand any of this. By intentionally observing ourselves and learning what we actually believe about ourselves, we can decide to make adjustments, if we so desire. We can be open to experiencing eternal present awareness without limits.

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