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Managing Injuries and Pain

As long as we are human, we will continue to witness negative, constricting and self-destructive energies. When we are aligned with our intuitive guidance, we can receive them with compassion and understanding without aligning with them. If we intend to align only with positive vibrations, for a while we may still encounter negative experiences, including personal injuries, physical, psychological and emotional.

When we are on the path to personal expansion, our injuries are all designed to break the hypnotic trance that we have been in and to draw our attention to what is important in our lives. Their symbolism can give us insight into their message. If we can align with our intuition at these times, we will know how the encounter is important for us. These are all things that we must learn for ourselves, and we can have all the help we need, if we are open and receptive to it. This is true in every aspect of life.

Injuries and pain are a result of negative energy that we have aligned with at some time, or even inherited. It is all misdirected energy containing a message for us to come into greater alignment with our higher guidance. It can be very specific or more generalized, and it’s the kind of experience that we can understand, if we want to. Our pain may last as long as we need to reorient ourselves to a more meaningful life.

We can receive our injuries and pain with gratitude for awakening us to something important that we have been resisting. Once we recognize the message, we can forgive ourselves for getting stuck in negativity. When we can change our perspective to positive, we can proceed to heal and begin to live at a higher vibratory level.

In order to feel filled with vitality, we can be positive and helpful, allowing our life force to continue to flow and open our receptivity to greater life experiences. When we remain open and receptive to love and gratitude, we continue to expand our awareness and our vitality, even in the face of deeply-negative encounters.

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