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Loving Beyond the Ego

For most of our lives we’ve lived under the impression that, although we can initiate projects and activities, most of our experiences result from influences outside of our ourselves. We believe that we are subject to conditions and situations imposed upon us by others outside of our own consciousness. We have developed thought patterns and emotions that we live within to maintain order and security in our lives. We have developed fear of the unknown, because we believe that we can be threatened or intimidated by powers greater than we can cope with, and so we live within our own psychological confinement. We’ve learned that we are separate beings with our own vitality produced within our biological functions. This limits us in our expressions and creations.

At some point, however, something happens to expand our awareness, and we begin to realize that everything is happening within our own consciousness. Our entire lives are reflections of our own perspectives and expressions. We are the creators of our reality through the focus of our attention and our emotional state of being within the confines of our beliefs about who we are. One of those beliefs is our ability to love. While we believe that we are distinct, limited beings, we are limited in our ability to love. We set the conditions that make it possible for us to feel and express love.

Love is our attraction and connection to aspects of ourselves that we recognize as other beings and things. When we expand our awareness beyond our accepted limitations, we expand our ability to love. From the experiments of quantum physicists, we can infer that consciousness is universal. It is not limited to any entity, but is shared by all. We have learned to limit our conscious awareness to a spectrum of energetic expressions that we share with humanity in a realm of experiences that allows us to feel isolated and individuated. We can continue to live in this dimension as long as we choose to.

If we want to expand our awareness out to universal consciousness, we must raise the vibrations of our energetic presence by recognizing ourselves in a realm of natural joy and beauty. We can do this by intentionally aligning ourselves with higher-vibrational imaginings that gradually come into our experiences through the attraction of resonant energy patterns of situations, provided our beliefs allow us into this realm. All our psychological limitations and emotional knots must be resolved.

Once we begin to recognize our creative ability, we become confident in our personal sovereignty. This is when we can recognize the energy signature of unconditional love. It is the same vibrational spectrum as the energy of eternal Self-realization. Through our heart-felt intuitive ability to realize it and feel its vibrations, we can align with this energy spectrum. This alignment opens us to the experience of unconditional love, which constantly flows through us with our life force from the unified quantum field of the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. Here we can just be our Selves, creating what we want to feel and imagine for ourselves and all of humanity and beyond.

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