Love Song of Our Heart

The most important aspects of our lives cannot be seen or touched, they can only be felt in the heart of our Being. We have been accustomed to receiving direction from outside ourselves, but we can know truth only in our own intuitive knowing. We are individualized expressions of the love and joy of our Creator, able to interface consciously with every entity in our experience.

From quantum physics experiments we know that everything in our world is conscious, down to the tiniest sub-atomic particles/waves comprising everything. All consciousness participates in the unconditional love and life-enhancing energy of the Creator. Without these qualities, nothing could exist. Our own degree of consciousness is as great as we are open to realizing, depending on the intensity of love that we are willing to align with and express.

In a state of serenity, we can ask our greater Self to draw our awareness into the light and joy of our true Being. With the intention to know and be our divine Self, and the willingness to practice, we can penetrate our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and expand our awareness into universal consciousness. In this state we can sense our intuition as our inner knowing. We can feel the quality of the life force that constantly streams into our consciousness from the essence of our Creator, endowing us with Creator consciousness.

Within our stream of life force flows unconditional love for all conscious beings. This level of vibration includes all of the higher feelings of joy, compassion, freedom, sovereignty, and beauty. It also includes realization of our eternal present awareness. We may hear inspiring inner music. This is the song of our heart. It is the essence of our Creator flowing through us, expressing Itself through our free will and our attention.

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