Love as All-Encompassing Reality

What happens when we realize that love is all around in everyone and everything? We’re all playing free-will-chosen roles in a world-wide drama for our experiences and the satisfaction of our curiosity without Self-realization.

We have learned that our reality, our personal experiences, are a result of what we recognize. Everything exists as energy until we recognize it as a projection of our own conscious realization. We are the creators of our reality and everything about it—the entire empirical matrix. Once we realize this and submerge ourselves in this perspective, we free ourselves from all of the boundaries and limitations we have experienced. It increases our joy naturally, knowing that we live in a vibrant and fulfilling world. For most of us, this doesn’t just happen suddenly. It takes intention and practice and constant awareness of our emotional state.

When we recognize that we can be living a truly wonderful life, we can begin the process of transforming ourselves. Our emotions are very important in being able to align with the high-frequency energy of true love. These are the feelings that are natural in this realm. They are the gift of the Divine Feminine, and they require intentional focus for those of us who don’t automatically fall into divine love. This is the feeling to maintain as much as possible, until it becomes natural in our sense of being.

The deeper we go into love we increasingly recognize our greater limitless consciousness, flowing constantly with unconditional love into our Being out of the quantum field in the divine creative consciousness. To actually realize this is an ecstatic experience. This is the experience that we will always know, because once we know this, we cannot unknow it. From this time onward, we will be attracted to ecstatic love, and we will feel our life force flowing into our being from the quantum field of our Source consciousness. We will be aware of our natural state of creative being and will focus on high-frequency energy patterns and use our imagination to navigate the quality of the experiences we’re interested in.

Eventually we feel from within that everything is the same Being, individualized for personal experiences, and all arising from the same encompassing Self-realized consciousness. From here we can create the most wonderful lives for ourselves and everyone.

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