Living within Universal Consciousness

The higher self is the energetic connection with the universal consciousness that I AM. We are learning to align with this heart-centered energy through becoming mentally still and knowing what needs to be created. In this way we are centered and expanding in conscious awareness as we are in alignment with our heart-energy. If we align our attention with love, peace and joy, we are creating the desires of our heart in our personal experience. This is the nature of divine consciousness. It is infinitely creative and provides for the manifestation of our imaginative feelings.

Recognizing that everything we perceive has a quality of energy and is reflective of the energy octave of our emotional self, we can imagine an experience while eliciting emotions to accompany it. In this way we can transform fearful experiences into loving experiences. Once we are aware of our true nature and abilities, we know deep within what we truly want to imagine and feel. We are in alignment with our higher self and divine consciousness, expressing the purpose and flow of its energy, which we feel through our heart.

As the energy resonance spectrum of the Earth rises to the next higher octave of frequency, humanity must align with this in order to live on the transforming planet. The Earth is shedding all dark energy, as she heals and becomes more beautiful. As we consciously participate in this process, we raise the collective consciousness of humanity, and we all become more telepathic, because we are identifying with the universal heart-energy.

We’re creating a world of humans who love and honor one another, who are helpful and kind. This is a world at peace and in alignment with the heart of our planet.

Through our imagination and emotional being we transform any reflection of fear or judgment. The stronger our emotional feeling is, the more power is released into the manifestation of our heart’s desire. We are leaving the lower frequency experiences to dissolve, as we withdraw our attention from them and focus on creating the new world.

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