Living with Expanding Awareness

Although we can have intellectual knowledge of the magnitude of our consciousness, until we transcend our limited abilities in our personal experience, it’s not really believable for us. We have been taught to believe that we are separate creatures with our own limited consciousness. Our limiting beliefs are so deeply held that we cannot even imagine that they could be false. They provide a comfortable perspective on life that we have grown accustomed to living with, even though they keep us locked into a fear-based understanding of life, filled with resentment, blame and a receding sense of freedom. The greater our awareness of the evil being perpetrated against us by our governments, the more angry, helpless and victimized we feel. Is this our true destiny? Can we transform our situation?

We are here on a journey to recognize our inner light. This is a journey that requires a conscious choice. It is a leap into the unknown. It’s only partially unknown, because the quantum sciences have taught us that we all participate in universal consciousness that is the basis of everything, and that we are the creators of everything that we experience through our recognition of the energy patterns in the plasma field that envelopes us. Although the empirical world appears solid, its reality is electromagnetic waves that our consciousness interprets as our reality. Our essence is pure personalized conscious presence of Being. By holding visions and scenarios in our awareness we modulate the energy patterns in the quantum field, which provide the quality of our experiences.

By focusing on the experiences we are fearful of and do not want, we create those experiences in our lives. By focusing on what we do want with gratitude, we create those experiences for ourselves. We are all in this human experience together, and we share our creative energy with each other through our participation in universal consciousness. We get to choose the quality of energy that expresses in our personal lives, and we radiate this energy through our personal energy signatures with the power of our emotional focus.

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