Living with Angels

As we live in increasing vibrations of energy coming from Gaia and the quantum field enveloping us, we are finding life becoming brighter and more beautiful. We are Being our true Selves more and more, and we are recognizing the higher expression of others. We can begin to recognize the consciousness of the Creator in every face. This is the only energy we need to interact with. Everything else has no inherent existence. It is synthetic, kept in existence with parasiticized human life force.

If we have any remaining belief in our personal conscious mortality, we can recognize it and resolve it through compassionate wisdom. We have the scientific proof of our timelessness. We need subconscious acceptance of our eternal nature, because it goes against our empirical experience. All of our personal challenges are designed to open our consciousness to timeless awareness.

How do we recognize the energy of the Creator in every face? In everyone we encounter in our experience or in our imagination, their energetic presence, their radiance, stimulates an emotion in us. This emotion has a frequency pattern of either low-vibrational fear or high-vibrational love. There is a neutral space between them, a space without fear or love. This is the perspective of our pure conscious awareness. From here we can instantly know the quality of any vibrations we choose to focus on.

We have absolute control over our choice of focus. By imagining that we are interacting with an angel, perhaps even disguised as an irritating person, we can imagine every word and motion is expressed by the Creator through this person. We can notice the frequency of the source that is creating this person and look into our own being for what aligns with that energy. This provides us with personal insight and a challenge for expansion.

We experience the energy of attraction. By choosing to imagine scenarios that we want to experience, and being in alignment emotionally, feeling ourselves in the situation we imagine as if it is actually happening, we are radiating that energy spectrum and attracting other energy patterns that bring us compatible experiences. To the extent that we can be absolutely present in every moment, our lives can improve proportionately. Once we fully embrace our eternal Being, there is nothing to fear in any dimension. We are free to love completely and be filled with joy, for we are expressing the vibrations of our Creator consciousness, and everyone we encounter can be angelic.

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